Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Illness

Reader question:

I suffer from an autoimmune disease and have anxiety and depression. Any thoughts?


Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Make he or she aware of what you are going through. Some symptoms are a result of some medications. From a self-help approach I have several suggestions. First manage your day to day stress better. You can do this by thinking more positively, exercise, relaxation, massage, journaling watch funny movies, etc…

Then remember that not every day is like your difficult days. Or not every moment is as difficult as this one. Think in terms of what you can do. Never think about what you can’t do. Know when to push yourself to complete tasks and when not to. Live purposefully. Live in the moment. Appreciation the smallest things.

Refuse to be a victim to your disease. Educate yourself. Eat healthy. Ask your doctor if it is alright for you to exercise. Live gratefully. Pay it forward. Pray often. Walk this path to your own personal healing. There is so much you can do.

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