FREE 15 minute coaching session for all new clients!

Coaching sessions provide you with information, support and encouragement. Our coaching sessions are by telephone, nationwide. They are about 30- 45 minutes long. Coaches are compassionate to your needs. They will personalize your sessions to fit your specific needs and goals.

Everyone deserves some extra TLC in their life. Our coaches will help you see the positive qualities you possess and learn to use them. Coaching sessions help motivate you to make changes you want to make. They can help you identify problem areas in your life and help you become more aware of healthier ways to think.

Our expertise is in teaching you skills and techniques you can use to make your life better. When you are struggling, it is hard to think, “outside” yourself. Let us be there for you.
Each session is only-$35.00

Ask Us About Lifetime (Five years) VIP coaching!

There is an additional fee of $10.00 per session for Canadian and International calls.

Our sessions are non-refundable (all sales final.) However, your first session is always FREE (15 minute mentoring session) !

Coaches are not therapists or counselors. They are “peer coaches” who have used the tools and worked through their anxiety. They have been there and understand how you feel. They offer support and encouragement. We can help you set goals, learn tools and techniques to work through stress and anxiety. We do not give medical advice or offer advice on medication.

Commonly Asked Questions

How is a “coach” different from a counselor? Our coaches do not diagnose, treat or provide therapy. Coaches are people just like you. Your coach will help you set goals and encourage you to take the steps necessary to reach your goals. They can help you learn Biblical stress management techniques and tools. They can help you find resources, come up with ideas, provide support, motivate, and encourage you. They understand and care about you personally.

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