Dear Happy People,

As I begin my letter to you this day, I am reminded of all the kind and instructive words you spoke that helped me work thru very difficult situations. I thank you for that and also when my thoughts needed to be corrected.

I am so pleased you are my coach. You have been so encouraging. These coaching sessions will be a lifetime practice bringing healing to my mind and spirit.

Thank you for being my friend and mentor.


Dear Happy People,

This letter is overdue. I’ve wanted to write to you before but I waited until I was able to share with you something positive. Well, I now have something very positive to tell you. I DID IT!!! I broke through the wall of fear and traveled out of New York for the first time in thirty years. I am soooo very proud of myself…

Let me close by thanking you for all of your help. Yes, you did help me. It gave me courage to know that you also went through the agoraphobia and overcame it. I was determined to make you proud. The phone conversations with you helped tremendously. I kept remembering you telling me to “keep chipping away.”

Bronx, NY

Dear Happy People,

I am so pleased with “The Path to Healing.” May the Lord bless you in all you do. You are an important person in my life. I am sure there are many more people that would have joy in knowing you. I look forward to stayying in touch!

With Love,

J.M. , CA.

Dear Caroline,

I thank you with all my heart. A thank you seems so small compared to all you have done. Keep in touch!

Bob, South Dakota

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for being the world’s best coach. You have helped me to change my life. I was trapped for years by my anxiety and stuck in my small world. I am now driving anywhere I want and taking long trips. It’s amazing what you have taught me!


Liz, NY.